Relazioni agricoltura e ambiente

Monitoraggio degli ecosistemi agro-forestali

Sustainable Monitoring and Reporting to Inform Forest- and Environmental Awareness and Protection - SMART4ACTION

Coordinatore: Corpo Forestale dello Stato.

Finanziatore: Unione Europea.

Date: 01/09/2014 to 30/08/2018

LIFE SMART4Action intends to redesign forest monitoring and its information and reporting system in Italy. It will ensure financial

sustainability, despite budget restrictions, whilst maintaining high scientific reliability. Specific activities include:

Designing a new system to reduce the current annual costs by 30%, and which recognises the importance of national and regional

statistics on key variables linked to sustainable forest management and ecosystem services;

Improve communication with and data transfer to relevant stakeholders (regional, provincial and local municipalities, national and

regional parks, environmental agencies, managers, NGOs, citizens). This will increase awareness about forest related issues, support

forest monitoring and consolidate knowledge about key forest variables for different stakeholders;

Develop and implement mechanisms to involve local people in plot management and basic monitoring for readily measurable


Expected results:

The creation of an improved, cost-effective forest monitoring system enabling forest monitoring to continue at national level in a

sustainable way;

21 information sheets (one per region and autonomous province) with a summary of the following data: forest resources, the status of

tree health and plant biodiversity, deposition of chemicals, tropospheric ozone, and climate variables in forests;

20 - 31 plot information sheets (containing the same information as above) distributed to municipalities, provinces and regions where

intensive plots are located;

Estimations of the climate, soil, deposition and ground level ozone for all the intensive (20 - 31) and extensive (around 260)

monitoring plots over the next 10 - 15 years;

Medium-term national trend projections regarding tree health, climate, and deposition and ground level variables for all the intensive

(20-31) and extensive (ca. 260) monitoring plots;

Maps showing changes in the above mentioned trends; and

A practitioner’s manual on the assessment of the tree condition, growth and species diversity.

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